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What I Contain

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Exesio Shampoo helps in stopping hair loss, makes your hair Stronger, Thicker and Stimulates hair growth using natural ingredients.

Exesio has natural results, i.e. in harmony with the skin. It gives the ability to the skin to shed and be thoroughly cleaned of sebum, oiliness, hormone and other residues that accumulate in the pores of the skin and create impairment.

The Advantages


Powerful hair tonic

The only product worldwide, which not only effectively treats hair loss but induces hair growth.


Immediately Effective

From the first 3-8 applications we observe gradual reduction of hair loss and after 45-60 days of methodical use we see hair growth (small hair growing in the area of hair loss).


Easy to use

We use it only when it comes to shampoo, preferably three (3) times a week.



Contains herbal extracts, combined with pure baby shampoo without hazardous additives (flavours, colours etc) compatible with the skin.

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Exesio Range

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Deep Conditioning Hair Mask

Conditioner Treatment For Dry, Damaged and Coloured Hair, Reduces Hair Loss. Avocado Oil, Coconut Oil, Olive Oil, Mulberry Fruit. Hair Health Mask 250ml
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Exesio Shampoo For Hair Loss

Shampoo For Hair Loss & Hair Tonic Combined, Stimulates Hair Growth, Shampoo For Thinning Hair, Hair Loss Treatment For Women and Men 280ml
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Shampoo and Conditioner Set

This Is A Combo Pack Of Exesio Shampoo & Hair Tonic Combined and Our Deep Conditioning Hair Mask. Achieve The Desired Results With Natural Hair Care Products.
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Hair Loss Shampoo

Natural Botanical Extracts Used In Exesio Combined Shampoo & Hair Tonic. Achieve The Desired Results The Natural Way. Stops Hair Loss With Fast Results. 500ml
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