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shampoo for hair growth after chemotherapy - a cancer patient removing her wig

Natural Shampoo for Hair Growth after Chemotherapy

22nd October 2018

(Estimated reading time: 5 minutes) A Shampoo for hair growth after chemotherapy is no big news. Especially not to the biggest fighters of this world. The ones ...

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can creatine cause hair loss

Can Creatine Cause Hair Loss?

7th September 2018

Is it true that we can experience hair loss with Creatine? Muscles and hair loss. Can we have both?  The fairest and most accurate answer to that popular quest...

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is olive oil good for thinning hair

Is Olive Oil Good for Thinning Hair?

7th September 2018

Olive oil for thinning hair has become the most sought-after hair treatment. It is one of the best quality nourishment of the hair and the inevitable prevention...

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