Daphne or Bay Oil, is an essential oil, well-known for its hair growth properties. It is quite often added to hair care products, especially for hair loss treatment due to its benefits you are about to learn.

Why Daphne?

Bay oil, when applies to the scalp, it increases the blood circulation, which is stimulating hair growth. The increased blood flow to the scalp ensures that each and every hair follicle receives nourishment from the nutrient-rich blood, even the persistent ones, the ones still in the dormant phase.

You may also use it to help treat dandruff (since it has anti-fungal properties that make it suitable at controlling dandruff) and oily or flaky scalp and to give your hair a vibrant shine.

The prevention of hair loss is one of the most promoted benefits of the oil from the West Indies bay tree. As an astringent, the oil triggers contractions in muscles and tissues.

It fortifies the hold of scalp on hair roots, as well as strengthens gums and helps stop the sagging of skin and muscles. Hemorrhages can also be potentially prevented when using bay oil, which can cause blood vessels to contract.

Daphne also combats scalp fungal infections that are known to promote fast hair shedding.

Another big plus are the antiseptic properties of bay oil, which makes it effective against scalp irritating microbes that disrupt the healthy pH balance of the scalp which leads to hair loss.

These microbes also aggravate scalp fungal conditions and cause scalp inflammation, two major causes of hair loss.

The properties of Daphne are beneficial in many health areas and it is strongly recommended to introduce it into your life.