Mulberry leaves & fruit

Both Mulberry Leaves and fruit play their role in hair growth. They come from a tree called Morus, and Mulberry fruit ( well, Mulberries ) is very similar to blackberries.

Why Mulberry?

Mulberry leaves and fruit have proven with studies and scientific cases that they have numerous health benefits.

From eating the fruit to extract the leaf into tea, they are miracle workers and one of their benefits of course, that they promote hair growth.

Mulberries have high antioxidants levels, which keep your hair healthy, promote hair growth and prevent breakage.

Rich is calcium, iron, Vitamin C, and B, mulberries are guaranteed to provide your hair and skin the vital nutrients it needs to be healthy and a boosted immune system to maintain so.

Also, Mulberries enhance the production of melanin in your hair and retain the natural hair color.

The health benefits of Mulberries are many, such as; reduce cancer risk, lower cholesterol, cure anemia, contains minerals and antioxidants, improve immunity, better skin health, promote hair growth, promote brain health, etc.

Mulberries are among the most popular ingredients to include in every health product due to the many benefits it offers, thus making hair products and treatments with mulberry leaves and fruit very effective.