Polytrichi is a part of a therapy for hair loss, not so widely known as the avocado oil, coconut oil or olive oil. So, that makes the benefits of polytrichi for the hair a strong card for hair growth.

Why Polytrichi?

One of the most natural ways to maintain the health of your hair, or gain it back, is phytotherapy. Polytrichi is a fern, which is known for its healing & therapeutic properties in most scalp diseases.

Herbal remedies are now holding a solid ground in the health and growth of hair. Since hair loss reasons may vary, and they can not purely identified as to what causes them, individuals with hair care issues mostly turn in the purest remedies for the maximum results.

Therefore, phytotherapy and plant infused hair treatments have now become an essential <must>.

Polytrichi grows approx 30cm high & is commonly found in moist shady areas in Europe. Similar to Daphne(Bay oil), it improves blood circulation in the capillaries of the scalp and hair follicles.

Its properties have a strong presence in avoiding the build of bacteria & yeast in the scalp, maintaining a healthy scalp, which is crucial for the desired hair growth.

A recent review article showed that one of Polytrichi’s results prevents hair loss, making scientists and health experts investigate more in the right direction; phytotherapy.

The environment remains for once more, our biggest ally when it comes to our well-being.