7th September 2018

Is Olive Oil Good for Thinning Hair?

is olive oil good for thinning hair

Olive oil for thinning hair has become the most sought-after hair treatment.

It is one of the best quality nourishment of the hair and the inevitable prevention of hair loss. So the answer to the question ” is olive oil good for thinning hair? ” is a definite yes.

Allow me to quickly explain you the basic reasons as to why olive oil is good for thinning hair and why you should definitely try it if you haven’t tried it already.

One of the true luxuries of the 21st century is the immense variety of products and services available for us to choose the one(s) that will fit best in our interest/situation.

Among the years, the one thing that hasn’t changed is our mutual interest to keep beautiful and healthy hair.

Olive oil has been the big saviour of flavour and nutrition for years, so there was no real surprise when it was proven that it can prevent dandruff, which is one of the well-known causes for hair loss.

If you already tried various other products that didn’t quite worked for you, especially if you have thinning hair, I suggest one simple sentence. ” Back to basics ”.

It’s time to use olive oil or hair treatments infused with olive oil, and you will notice the difference. It will moisturize your scalp, and increase the elasticity of your hair, making them stronger and more resistant without dehydrating them.

The holy grail every individual need in the hair treatment they use is to make their hair stronger without dry them out. It’s the balance we are all looking for and one that olive oil delivers, especially on thinning hair which requires extra cair.

Olive oil makes the combing part of your day your ally because it reacts like a natural conditioner. Thinning hair tend to grease more easily so one of the most common questions is if the olive oil will make them even more grease ( and well, nobody wants that).

The answer to that question is no if used in the right amount. Olive oil can be easily considered a risk with thinning hair that tends to easily grease, however especially in the hair treatments there is the right amount of the olive oil needed for nourishment, strength, hair growth.

If you decide to use olive oil in your hair as a mask, be well-aware to feel the oiliness and it can be a bit of a struggle washing it out. However, the benefits are well worth the fuss.

This is exactly why hair experts decided to include olive oil in hair treatments in the right amount. So everyone can enjoy the benefits, fuss-free, combining the olive oil with other beneficial ingredients for maximum effectiveness in both health, and beauty of the hair.

There will be many new innovative ingredients in the future. In cosmetics and in every industry. But there are some ingredients that will always be the very core of health and nourishment.