22nd October 2018

Natural Shampoo for Hair Growth after Chemotherapy

shampoo for hair growth after chemotherapy - a cancer patient removing her wig

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A Shampoo for hair growth after chemotherapy is no big news. Especially not to the biggest fighters of this world. The ones fighting against cancer.

Maybe a natural shampoo for hair growth after chemotherapy is something you read over and over again. Yes, it is one of the ways to grow your beautiful hair back. And yes, it takes time, like every valuable result we fight for.

Sometimes it feels like the battle never ends. But when you are born a fighter, you don’t even realise the amount of power you possess.

Time passes in a strange way when you fight for survival. It may feel like it’s frozen but at the same time running without you realising it.

One thing is for sure, your toughest battle cost you something you cherish, your hair. You knew all along that this would happen, but you are never really prepared for it.

Our hair is a big source of confidence. It’s one of our ways to show our uniqueness, originality, style, preferences. It’s one of the main socially recognised and admired features.

So, when you end up losing something you never thought you’d lose, it can shock you. Especially if it’s something that tells you apart from others.

But losing your hair after chemotherapy is not really a loss, but rather, a visible trophy. Since it’s something you can gain back in a certain period of time, it’s a trophy. It really is something that makes you special.

It may sound ”easier said than done” but see for yourself. The biggest gift you can give to yourself is to be yourself, to do whatever makes you feel good.

There are certain ways to stimulate hair growth after chemotherapy. Either wigs, or hats, or rather, haircare products with purely natural ingredients that stimulate hair growth.

Wigs and hats will cover the baldness and will give you mostly relieving results. Wanting to have your confidence back as soon as possible is something completely understandable.

If that is something you believe will help you feel good, go for it. Do what feels right for you. But whatever is that you choose to do, always choose to embrace yourself.

Celebrate yourself because, after that kind of fight, you know that pretty much anything is a matter of perception. Is how you choose to look at things, is how those things reflect back to you.

So, instead of feeling uncomfortable under a wig or a hat, show to the world how brave you are and take them off, be yourself with a victorious smile and an amazing pair of earrings!

You know better than anyone how much this world needs signs of bravery, strength, willpower. What you feel like covering, is an actual sign of the strength you possess. The strength you know this worlds needs to see.

Maybe the last thing that will be on your mind is what the worlds need. But if you are to think of what the world really thinks about the lack of your hair, think of what it needs instead.


Here is a very extensive article about wigs and anything you need to know before purchasing a wig. An article created for essential information about wigs for cancer fighters.

Natural Shampoo:

The other way is nature’s way. A shampoo for hair growth after chemo, with the most natural ingredients. Exesio shampoo has nature’s most pristine ingredients to help against hair loss and naturally stimulate hair growth.

Avodaco oil, polytrichi, daphne (bay oil) and our innovative ingredient, masticha of Chios.

If there a peak point to any haircare system, is to be able to help people get their confidence back. To find ways to better people’s lives and find their own way of being themselves through their journey.

Either way, you are not alone. If you do decide to ditch the wigs as Laura did, you will sense an amount of freedom and empowerment as ever before.

Speak up, don’t choose to be alone. Cancer‘s biggest enemy is peace of mind.

So speak your mind. Write, express your inner world and your thoughts. Either anonymously or with your signature, it’s up to you!

Be a part of a group therapy, start speaking your mind in a smaller group of people and see how you feel. That will give you the confidence to be yourself in front of the entire world. But not only that. You will feel embraced, and not alone.

Participate in a cancer chat forum. Meet and greet other people who battle the same fight as you to be able to support each other through a joint fight against cancer.

As you can see in the picture of this article, either you put on the wig or put it out, it’s a matter of perception. Your own personal choice will decide if the brave woman in the picture is taking her wig off, or putting it on.

Whatever your perception is, always choose the serenity of your mind.