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The primary causes of hair loss are listed below, many of the solutions can be natural changes to lifestyle and behaviour. However, where possible Exesio’s range of products can also assist in stimulating hair growth and reducing hair loss. We have conducted extensive research and clinical studies to develop and prove the concept of Exesio products.

Primary Causes of Hair Loss:

  • Diet
  • Stress
  • Male Pattern Baldness
  • Tight Hairstyles
  • Pulling Hair
  • Trauma or Cosmetic Scarring
  • Chemotherapy

As mentioned many of these cannot be resolved through our products, but for those where it can we have proven the value and effectiveness of the Exesio range.

The Study:

Conducted Independently by Dr Th. Tsavdari of Dermatological Clinic G.R.H at Athens Evangelismos.

The test was on the new Exesio formulation of Laurus Nobilis – Adiantum Capilus Veneris & Persea Americana which is applied to patients with Diffuse Alopecia Areata and Androgenetic type Alopecia.

The formulation is a shampoo and a thin layer is applied to cover the roots of the entire scalp hair 15 minutes before shampooing, without massaging. This is then rinsed and patients apply this 3 times a week.

There were 40 participants in the study, of which 30 follow the instructions closely. On the third week of application, which is between 8-10 washes, we observed the stop of hair loss and reduction of seborrhea. While after the next 8-10 washes over the following 3 weeks there is a gradual regrowth of scalp hair.

In two patients we have observed itching and sweating, but they continue the treatment by reducing the application time to 10 minutes.

After the completion of treatment (3 months) we observed that in 25 patient cases the clinical problem had been resolved. In 4 patients the effects are smaller and will continue the application for an additional 3 months. In 5 patients, who did not follow the application schedule closely we observed smaller effects and they also continue with their treatment for an additional 3 months. Finally for one patient the results are exiguous.

In conclusion, the application of the formulation is an effective treatment in Diffuse Alopecia Areata and Androgenetic Alopecia without side effects. The ingredients of Exesio have quick results, are very well tolerated, reduce seborrhoea and impart and soft texture and gloss to the hair of the scalp.

Certified by EOF (NOM)

Exesio is produced in Greece by Hair Care System, distributed & exported by Beauty Wishes and it is controlled and certified by the National Organisation of Medicines (EOF).