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Treatment Against Hair Loss

Exesio is a highly effective hair strengthening formula.

It has immediate results on the hair scalp by stimulating the skin functions and relieving from impairments and the feeling of tired hair. From the first applications it creates a feeling of healthy and strong hair with the effect of herbal active ingredients. Due to avocado the skin becomes more flexible in its structure and easier to expel toxins, pollutants, sebum and hormone residues which, when remaining on the skin, create conditions of atrophy and hair loss.

Under the “care” of exesio the skin improves microcirculation in capillaries which are responsible for providing nutrients to the hair roots and thus nourishment and growth of the hair becomes easy and immediate. At the same time with the components of Mastiha Chios we observe healing and regenerative effect to the skin and hair roots.
Exesio significantly enhances skin energy and it relieves easily and quickly from hair loss, frailness and other hair problems. The combination of plants serves as nurishment for the structure of the hair, which is immediately stimulated, receiving those necessary elements for proper regeneration and growth. So the hair grows significantly faster, become stronger, more resilient and healthier as never before.

This multiple effects of exesio ensures healthy – strong and beautiful hair in men and women.

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Before shampooing and on dry hair we apply an amount of about 40 ml as a strengthening mask for the hair roots, i.e a coating of exesio for the entire skin of the head, especially in the upper part, at the temples and on the top, where most problems are presented. Let this empowering mask act for 15 minutes. After that we wet with a small amount of water and mingle so as to create a rich lather. We do an intense massage on the hair roots and rinse thoroughly.

In this way we achieve firstly the adjustment of oiliness and the relief of sebum and moreover the full strengthening and complete hair remediation (we can observe great strengthening of the hair from the very first application) and continuous increase of hair growth (in 45-60 days of methodical use we are already starting to view noticeable hair growth).

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Deep Conditioning Hair Mask


Conditioner Treatment For Dry, Damaged and Coloured Hair, Reduces Hair Loss. Avocado Oil, Coconut Oil, Olive Oil, Mulberry Fruit. Hair Health Mask 250ml
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Exesio Shampoo For Hair Loss


Shampoo For Hair Loss & Hair Tonic Combined, Stimulates Hair Growth, Shampoo For Thinning Hair, Hair Loss Treatment For Women and Men 280ml
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